Resurrection… again

I always start blogs, write a few posts, forget about it and then go back in a furry of deleting everything but here I am going to try it again!  I started running.  I want to tell you all about my adventures with running so far, and use this platform to keep notes on my training since I’ve decided its a great idea to run an ultra next summer!

Okay, okay so let me start at the beginning.. or somewhere closer to now anyways.

I used to race downhill bikes.  I injured myself training over the winter of 2012 to race downhill bikes and now I can’t physically ride a bike.  I moved to Squamish in June 2013 and started climbing to fill this void.  Then in July 2014 a cable car pulley decided to have my finger for lunch (or at least part of it) which put me unable to climb.  In the process of all of this I have managed to fall in love with trail running and below is an account of how this growing obsession has started.

Me racing bikes at Mt Hood Oregon.

Me leading burger and fries this spring before hurting my hand


In May the Sea to Sky Gondola opened and I hiked it a few times the first week with a couple friends.  It was painful, but I felt awesome doing it.  Also the lure of having the download there with the gondola was an amazing treat for my knees, and the plus side you can bring your furry friend with you!

After hiking the gondola with Amanda

Fast forward to the end of May, my lovely partner suggested I go and run the 6km loop near our house and I did… and I didn’t totally die!  It was exciting.  Somehow in the spur of that moment I decided it would be a really great idea to sign up for the Coast Mountain Trail Series survival of the fittest race.  A 13km/18km race behind Quest University on beautiful trails.  I obviously signed up for the 13km.  A few days after the 6km loop and signing up for a 13km trail race (what the hell goes on in my brain…) I ran another 6.5km stint around the trails behind our house.   My 3rd day trail running I am now at the start line with my friend Amber thinking “oh god, what the hell were we thinking”  but I started, I finished and I loved every minute in between.  I loved every aspect of running trail races.  I had filled the void where racing downhill bikes used to be.

Me right after finishing my first trail race!

The next few months are a bit of a blur, between being out of town for work trips and ripping half my finger apart in the backcountry  but through all of that I managed some random adventure runs with my buddy Amber including the rubble creek traverse from Cheakamus Lake to the Rubble Creek trail head.  I’d recommend this run to anyone looking for a moderate 25km with absolutely beautiful views but be sure to take proper gear with you as this is a true backcountry run!

Jumping for joy halfway through the rubble creek run!

Within these months the great idea of signing up for the Squamish 23km happened.

Yep, I ran that too… and guess what?

I am now even more addicted.  I was beyond surprised that me, this girl who absolutely hated running before this summer had just run 23km of hilly trails.

Amber and I at the finish line for Squamish 23 🙂

I then, once again had to zip away out of town for work and had a lull in running but decided to run another race to get myself back in the swing of things and hopped onboard with the inaugural  Sky Pilot race.  Another gem from Coast Mountain Trail series.  I raced the shorter distance at 12.5km and in typical Squamish fashion it didn’t fail to provide the amazing views and lovely humans.

I battled myself a lot during the sky pilot run.  I didn’t fully want to be there, I wanted to quit, I hated my legs, I had an ongoing dispute with my brain about quitting.  But, I didn’t quit.  I pushed through all of those negative thoughts and kept going.   And guess what?

Climbing the lollipop portion of the Sky Pilot race, I wanted to quit at this point so badly but kept thinking about what my friend Spring told me a while ago… “keep smiling when things get hard” – Photo by Scott Roberts Photography

Now I am even more addicted than before!  I absolutely love the mental and physical battles you have to push through with trail running.  I never thought I would be a runner, I always hated running but there is something that running in the wilderness over roots and rocks that has stolen a part of my heart.  Its physical, its psychologically stimulating and the achievement you feel when you finish a run you thought you wouldn’t push through is, well its unexplainable unless you’ve experienced it.

Through my falling in love with the trails this summer I have decided to take on training for running my first 50km race this summer.  I ran this past summer without knowledge or training so hope to do it properly for the 2015 season!    My first will either be Rainshadow Runnings Sun Mountain 50k race or the Squamish 50 depending on if I make it into the registration!  And ultimately I would like to fundraise for the races I do this upcoming summer and donate the money to charities that have yet to be decided.

This blog will be an account of my running adventures, trials and tribulations with training and maybe the occasional rambling about being a student.  Wooo!



Kenzie Ann





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