Rain, rain go away.

Just kidding, I like the rain.  I do however find it very un motivating to actually leave the house to head out for runs.  It definitely helps to have a group of friends who are willing to go get soaking wet and muddy with you.  Last night I went out with my friends Spring and Alana and did a quick night run on the 4 lakes loop and each told each other at different times we didn’t really want to be there.  The consensus was “if this wasn’t already planned I wouldn’t have gone running tonight”.  Sometimes you just need that kick in the butt to get you out of the door.  And as soon as we started the stoke was high!

All smiles after a soggy night run with Trina and Sierra.

I have been falling in love with rainy night runs.  There is something so great and magical about it but I am not comfortable going alone yet.

The best running partner ever enjoying stump lake.

Me running down credit line. I need some coloured gear!

Finding the time to run between school and studying is proving to be quite an interesting feat but I am up to the challenge.  I managed to get out for a few shorter runs and a super fun 15km with my friend Tara.  This week I can’t say I’ve been doing great because of my study load but I’ve made it to yoga.  Oh yeah! I’ve decided on incorporating yoga a few times a week and back to crossfit to work on my flexibility and strength.  My body is a tad sore from yoga yesterday so I feel like it is a much needed addition to the developing training regime.  This summer I was off any sort of lifting due to a pretty gnarly laceration to my right ring finger and my strength is definitely lessened.  Basically my schedule is jam-packed but I am committed and will make it work in any way possible!  I am making it my mission to be an A student and run these 50k trail races!  If you set your mind to it anything can happen!

Tara jumping for joy on our 15k and nicely matching the beautiful fall day.

I am going to leave this post short and sleep because my brain is more focused on studying osteology then typing about running.  I am going to leave you with a song that I love though!

Until next time!



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