Round 2… maybe 3.

Yep, I am beyond useless at keeping blogs.  I start, I gain very limited traction and then I totally drop off the face of the earth and forget to post anything.  Since my last update I ran Sun Mountain, it was amazing.  I went through some tough times right before it but managed to pull myself through and I’m really glad I forced myself to go.  I had to miss Squamish 50 but it was due to zipping off on a climbing trip to Colorado.  Balancing the life of running, school and all the other fun things to do is quite the act.

In short form, I dropped off the face of running and came totally immersed into skiing, injured my foot had to stop skiing, dropped out of Gorge Waterfalls 50km only to realize that running shoes don’t hurt the injury after a wonderful event called Starlight Overnight and now am in full gear to set big goals and attempt to crush training.

I’ve got 1 year left at school, and a filling race calendar.  This is going to be an attempt to share my trail love, information I’m learning at school and try and keep a personalized record for myself.  If you are interested in it, at all then that is awesome and I thank you for joining me!


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