A homage to where it all began.

May 31st, 2014 I stepped up to the line of my first trail race ever, Coast Mountain Trail Series – Survival of the Fittest.  Super excited, super nervous and very curious I set off at the count of go and from that point never looked back.  I became super enthralled in trail running and totally in love.  I finished that day exhausted, hardly able to walk in a total of 1:54:45, somewhere closer to the middle of the back.  It was a very sunny day as well!

That brings me to today… May 28th, 2016, nearly two years after the fact.  It was wet this morning… oh so wet, it was initially hard to get motivated in the morning until I remembered “Kenzie, you LOVE running in the rain.”  and then jumped out of bed, drove to the start line of what was, all that time ago my first ever race.  The run that brought me to where I am now.  I was still excited, still nervous but less curious.  I think I was nervous because for the first time at a race I actually set a time goal.  Normally I just focus on finishing happy and strong, but this race I decided that I needed to beat my time from my first race ever.  Out of the start gates I had pretty unhappy calves… but once I passed the 5km mark and the trail became less constant uphill and more fun technical, muddy goodness they got happier.  I had an amazing time flying over roots and rocks, and splashing in mud puddles.  I truly do love running in the rain.  I felt all and all pretty good on trail today other than being a tad hungry due to a breakfast that was kind of lacking.  I’m still figuring out my nutrition on trails, its been a rollercoaster.  I came through the finish line at 1:48:06, got a massage and then headed home for a shower, then pizza and beer. All and all it was a great day.

I didn’t feel like 6 minutes PR was much, but I was gently reminded that 6 minutes over 13km is actually pretty decent!  I’ll take it! Besides, not only did I get 6 minutes faster, my legs feel awesome and I can run 50km happily now… So I’d say thats a big improvement from that first race back in May 2014.

I’ve slowly been learning how to create a balance in my life that focuses on the things I love but also my responsibilities… like being a good student.  This is making me super optimistic for things to come!  I have some massive goals on my horizon, but I don’t want to say anything until I’ve actually registered.  For now, my summer looks like lots of fun training runs, an enduro bike race in July, volunteering at FatDog and Squamish 50 in August.. then running around Mt Saint Helens in September!

So excited!!

L: Amber and I at our first race, May 2014. R: Me at the finish line, stoked but exhausted.


Spring and I after finishing May 2016 rocking our rad Pokosoha tights.  Muddy and happy.

I like when my Strava looks like this… PRs all around, mostly!


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