Week two.

I’m not going to write much about this past week of training, because it was a small one.  I ended up heading to Bend, Oregon to be a part of my beautiful friend Ashlai’s wedding.  What a beautiful bride.

On my way down to Oregon I stopped in Seattle where my new friend Stuart (met at Volcanic 50) took me in for the evening… Thanks again!! The next morning I woke up bright and early and headed south.  I had suggestions from a few friends to run the Eagle Creek trail out to Tunnel Falls.  I was only slated to run for 2hrs, and at nearly 19km round trip that would put me over the 2 hours of programmed running.  I absolutely love waterfalls though, so I was “bad” and went over by about 45 minutes.  This trail is stunning, it is really unable with so many beautiful waterfalls along the way.  Makes it hard to go fast because you’re always taking photos!  It was a perfect way to break up this long drive!

The next morning in Bend, I ran from my new friend Monica’s place and did some speed work.  In typical trail running fashion I migrated from the road onto a gravel trail I found as soon as it came across my path.  Later that evening was the bachelorette party.  I won’t dive into details about that, but lets just say I won’t be drinking for a while.

Day 3 in Bend, hung over, I took Ashlai’s dog out for a recovery wander in zone 1, tied up some lose ends and went for a couple coffee outings.

Day 4… wedding day!! Not much to say other than these two are the best and I love them to pieces.  I didn’t drink and just enjoyed all the shenanigans while level headed.

Day 5 = time to drive back to Canada.  I did the push from Bend to Vancouver, BC in one push with a stop in Bellingham to do another recovery zone 1 wander.  Big thanks to Riccardo who once again took this weary wanderer in for the evening, and a shout out to his new lady Kat who is super lovely… it was nice to meet you. 🙂

Day 6… school, studying, life things and rest.

I’ve decided I will start my weeks on the normal day of Mondays from now on instead of randomly midweek.

And, thats it thats all.

Next week will be a bit more eventful because training ramps up, and then I will be heading to Yachats for the Rainshadow Running Oregon Coast 50&30k races.  If you are there, on Saturday I will be at the finish line doing timing, and Sunday I will be selling merch.  Come say hi!!

Once again I’d like to mention that I am fundraising for Squamish Search and Rescue.  Please donate a couple bucks if you have the means too. 😀




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2 responses to “Week two.

  1. Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales

    I’m heading down to Portland this weekend (from Vancouver) for the marathon and can’t wait to explore a bit of the coast post-race for a few days! I’ve heard all of the Rainshadow Running races are beautiful – that sounds like fun!

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