Week three/four

These two weeks posed some challenges for me, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and I believe that with ultra running our ability to let go and realize we need rest makes us stronger in the long run because it is such a mental sport.

Week three

Monday – Rest as usual.

Tuesday – Strength, my last day at crossfit.  Bitter sweet, I’ll miss walking into the box and seeing all my lovely 6am people!  I’ll be back one day, but I just don’t need the membership with coaching.

Wednesday – My long run this week consisted of sun showers, rainbows, three adorable dogs and a stunning fall day.  Zone training makes me laugh sometimes.  Especially when I accidentally end up at a hill but am supposed to be in zone 2.  I just picture what people would think if they saw me barely shuffling up the hill, which totally doesn’t matter because I don’t care what people think… but it must be funny!  I think I’m already seeing value in this style of training though.  I’m happily running up hills for up to 15 minutes at a time, and my flat pace is getting consistently faster.  This day I was out for 4:40, went just over a half marathon distance.  So, a fairly slow pace but when you are playing in different zones for specific amounts of time it takes a bit longer to go as far!  I started having some issues with my right knee, but am seeing a physiotherapist to get it sorted.  I believe the tracking is just off for my patella… it happened when I was 20, but hasn’t been bugging me for 7 years.  Of course as soon as I start getting serious into my training, even though I haven’t increased volume and have actually decreased intensity it has started to bug me.  Damn you knees.


My puppy crew.

Thursday – Hill repeats into tempo… I think I made it to 4 reps before my knee started to kill and then tried for the tempo… it didn’t work, I ended up limping back to my car and calling it quits.  I also went to physio at Squamish Integrated where Will did all sorts of fun assessments on my legs.  We came to the conclusion that my posterior chain is tight tight tight, and while my legs are both strong, my right side where the pain is happening is weaker.  He gave me some exercises and pretty much said he wasn’t too worried.  We caught it early enough.

Zen looking majestic in the fall colours.

Friday – Strength day, at a new gym.  I’m now going to Mountain Fitness because they have a wicked student deal.  Its a bizarre world outside of a crossfit box, this was so uncomfortable for me.  I did my training at 5:30am, headed to school for the morning and then was met by Dave and Dianna to head south to Yachats for the Rainshadow Running Oregon Coast 50/30km trail races.  It was a long drive, but the company was great.  We picked up Sawna in Portland and checked into the hotel in Yachats around midnight.

Saturday – I was supposed to do a mellow run to shake out the legs and see how my knee felt.  I ended up doing timing all day, and then was asked to sweep part of the 30k course on the Sunday so skipped my run.  It was really awesome to be at a finish line and see all the amazing runners come through.  It just made me love this community so much more.  It was also Coltons birthday so we had a little party for him which was great.

Looking North at the Coast

What a scenic finish line.  Oregon Coast 50/30k

Sunday – Swept a 11km loop of the Oregon Coast 30k course.  It was AMAZING, such a beautiful trail.  Really runable, super green and I had pretty great company.  My knee didn’t hurt at all and I felt like I was flying in some sections which makes me excited to see how far I’ll come.

Sweeping views.

People and material sweeping.  Thankful for not a ton of signage.

Week four

Monday – Drive home from Yachats, its long.  Luckily no programming so its my rest day.

Our welcome home sunset.

Tuesday – Strength of course.  I skipped it in the morning, and I knew in the back of my head that I would have little to no motivation to get it done in the evening after massaging all day.  I know for the future so always force myself out of bed.  Anyways, I went and was slightly more comfortable at the gym.  I’ll learn to love it slowly but surely.

Wednesday – I went swimming.  I am not good at swimming.  Good thing I am a runner and not a swimmer or triathlete.

Thurdsay – 2hr run.  I went on the trails behind my house in Valleycliff.  I had requests by some people to take photos of the barbies nailed to trees up there.  Lets just say its not the best place to be starting off your run when you’re supposed to be in zone 2.  I also lucked out and managed to go out in a rainless patch during the day.  My knee didn’t hurt, I had two dogs with me and the trails were stunning.  I was stoked.

New hat matches my vest! By accident.


One of the barbies.

Beautiful fall colours.

Friday – Strength.  I found the oly platform and I think it will be my little zone of solace.  I am excited because no one seems to use it.  Free weights? What are those?!  I’m not complaining though, more fun lifts for me!  I also totally rocked a practical exam today.

My happy corner.

Saturday – Rainy rest day.

Sunday – Bike ride!

Thats month one done!! Just over 4 months to go! Eeeek!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked why I run a couple times.  I think I’ll write a post in the next few days dedicated to that.

I am fundraising for Squamish SAR, the link to donate is under the fundraising tab.


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