Hello winter!

My 7th semester at school finished up on the 16th of December, and now on January 2nd I go back to finish my final one!

This semester is going to be an exciting one.  I get to review and incorporate all the things I have learnt in the past 2.5 years, and do a case study of my choice to research an ailment and the response to massage as treatment.  I haven’t picked one specifically but am leaning towards neurological pathologies.

Alongside the learning I’ll be lining up for my first 100k and then finishing off the semester with Gorge Waterfalls 50k.  With a lot of skiing in between.

I have also been given the opportunity to create a talk for runners about avalanche safety.  I am really excited to present this.  Its going to be a short talk and social night aimed towards creating awareness in the mountain running community about snow safety.  Some of the topics I’ll be running over are the different types of avalanches including size classifications, terrain choices for travel, wind loading and cornice formation and how to utilize resources that are out there such as trip planners and avalanche forecasts.  Also a list of organizations that are available to provide entry level courses into avalanche training.  This makes me really happy as I love sharing the knowledge I have acquired through formal training and backcountry experience with everyone.

Alongside this talk in January, I am taking out a free avalanche awareness tour every Thursday at 12:30 on Blackcomb Mountain.  If you happen to be skiing, these tours are run daily (my days are Thursdays) from the Avalanche Awareness hut at the top of Solar Coaster.

Also, a quick little recap of the past few weeks and my injury.  It has been responding well to skiing and runs up to an hour.  I have had very minimal discomfort and my coach and physio are ramping up my volume.  We have had an insane amount of snow in Squamish lately though so have been more on the ski side of things than actually running, but thats okay with me!  I am feeling mentally tough, and 80% good physically for Black Canyon.  At this point I will be lining up for sure, and I will push as far as I can without severe pain.  Fingers crossed that its all the way to the finish line!!


PS… I signed up for the Squamish 50/50… 50 miles on Saturday, 50km on Sunday.


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