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Week two.

I’m not going to write much about this past week of training, because it was a small one.  I ended up heading to Bend, Oregon to be a part of my beautiful friend Ashlai’s wedding.  What a beautiful bride.

On my way down to Oregon I stopped in Seattle where my new friend Stuart (met at Volcanic 50) took me in for the evening… Thanks again!! The next morning I woke up bright and early and headed south.  I had suggestions from a few friends to run the Eagle Creek trail out to Tunnel Falls.  I was only slated to run for 2hrs, and at nearly 19km round trip that would put me over the 2 hours of programmed running.  I absolutely love waterfalls though, so I was “bad” and went over by about 45 minutes.  This trail is stunning, it is really unable with so many beautiful waterfalls along the way.  Makes it hard to go fast because you’re always taking photos!  It was a perfect way to break up this long drive!

The next morning in Bend, I ran from my new friend Monica’s place and did some speed work.  In typical trail running fashion I migrated from the road onto a gravel trail I found as soon as it came across my path.  Later that evening was the bachelorette party.  I won’t dive into details about that, but lets just say I won’t be drinking for a while.

Day 3 in Bend, hung over, I took Ashlai’s dog out for a recovery wander in zone 1, tied up some lose ends and went for a couple coffee outings.

Day 4… wedding day!! Not much to say other than these two are the best and I love them to pieces.  I didn’t drink and just enjoyed all the shenanigans while level headed.

Day 5 = time to drive back to Canada.  I did the push from Bend to Vancouver, BC in one push with a stop in Bellingham to do another recovery zone 1 wander.  Big thanks to Riccardo who once again took this weary wanderer in for the evening, and a shout out to his new lady Kat who is super lovely… it was nice to meet you. 🙂

Day 6… school, studying, life things and rest.

I’ve decided I will start my weeks on the normal day of Mondays from now on instead of randomly midweek.

And, thats it thats all.

Next week will be a bit more eventful because training ramps up, and then I will be heading to Yachats for the Rainshadow Running Oregon Coast 50&30k races.  If you are there, on Saturday I will be at the finish line doing timing, and Sunday I will be selling merch.  Come say hi!!

Once again I’d like to mention that I am fundraising for Squamish Search and Rescue.  Please donate a couple bucks if you have the means too. 😀




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Week one.

Tonight concludes my first week of official training for Black Canyon and though I was initially intimidated it was pleasantly perfect.  Training wise, not day to day life wise.  I’m going to try and recount the week without giving too many specifics on my training plan, without making it way to vague. 😜

Day one – Into the gym, which isn’t new for me.  I really love lifting.  I really believe that strength training is an incredibly important aspect of running.

Day two – A variation of hills followed by some easy running.  Lara joined me to try and keep me from running faster.  I’m working on zone training so she was my “pacer” to keep me slow!  It was great, even if I felt silly about how slow I was moving.  I also had my friend Dylans dog with me which was great.

Day three – Bike ride!! I just got a new bike, so anytime I get to ride it makes me really happy.  I was sweeping for the Bell Joyride ride.  It started off with a talk at Tantalus Bike Shop about suspension set up, and then progressed onto the trails.  Our group rode up Panda climb, to Half Nelson and then finished with Pseudotsuga and onwards to the pub for nachos and beer.  It was amazing being surrounded by a group of rad ladies for this fun ride!

Day four – rest rest rest.  Except, it wasn’t very restful because someone broke into my car while I was at school.  They smashed my back side window and rummaged through my things.  I should keep my car cleaner, but in all honesty I didn’t think that garbage and running clothing were that inciting.  They didn’t take anything, but I had to replace the window which isn’t great on a student budget.

Day five – Strength and speed.  Time to get fast. Lara also joined me for this because she’s the best.  It makes speed work fun if you have someone to do it with!  I’m optimistic about getting faster, I think its time.

Day six – A long run, which turned into a weird outing.  I had to drop my car off to get fixed, so I figured I would run from the mechanic, up the dirt road between the golf course and Quest, upwards to the Legacy climb and then back down.  While I was going up the dirt road though some guys kind of followed along with me and gave me the creeps massively.  I turned around and ran out super fast after the 3rd time I saw them and then Lara picked me up and took me to the end of Perth where I continued my run into the Alice Lake area.  I was playing in zones, it was interesting.  After I emerged from the trails I went to Capra to visit Solana, and then continued back to pick up my car.

On this run, I actually ate which is great!  I’ve set my watch to do 30 minute interval beeps so I remember to eat every 30 minutes.  I think it’ll be like Pavlov’s dogs eventually where every time I hear the beep I’ll start immediately wanting food.


I’m proud of this HR graph because it shows I was sticking close to my target!

Day seven – Hill repeats!! I guess I had never done hill repeats properly before.  These were weirdly fun, but also really tiring.  I’m really excited for how strong I feel like I’m going to get off this coaching.  I went out near the Mamquam river hydro plant.  I enjoyed myself and my day of procrastination leant its hand to a beautiful dusk temperature.



I think its about time to retire my Altra Lone Peak 2.0 from trail, they are my second Altras ever and I LOVE them. They were with me for my very first 50. 😥

Now to repeat!

On a different note I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped me out with my MS fundraiser, my goal was $450 and I raised $655 with your help!

For Black Canyon I am moving my fundraising goals over to support Squamish Search and Rescue which I think as a trail runner and other recreational user is a really important cause.  Help our amazing volunteers have more resources to support us in the need of rescue.  The link is in my fundraiser tab above. 🙂

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And so it begins..

November 3rd… November 3rd is the day I will officially start training my little butt off for the races to come the following year!  Eeek!  I am excited and nervous all rolled into one.  I have doubts about being able to do it but I know I am going to!  I will finish these races. 🙂  I am going to be setting up a fundraiser page to raise money for two local organizations to benefit while training and will post it when ready.  I feel like the extra kick of knowing that I am helping someone will be a great motivator throughout the trials and tribulations that are to come in the next 5 months.

The past week has been super fun, and a tad hectic.  I’ve started back at crossfit which I’m hoping to incorporate into my running schedule to keep up strength just a couple days a week.  I’ve found it has been super helpful with alleviating some muscular imbalances that used to cause me pretty bad pain.   I’ve also managed to force myself to yoga a handful of times which I can feel my body loves but my brain has a hard time slowing down and relaxing.  I had midterms too!  I aced them all, but just when I thought I could relax research papers and more tests get thrown in.

As for running the past week, I have to admit I’ve been slack.  This past Sunday I got out with a group of ladies in North Vancouver who were amazing enough to run around in full costume trying to force candy on to strangers.  Solana did a great job of organizing it, but it seems that people out for their early morning runs are hard to convince to take candy.  It was a super fun time and we covered quite a bit of ground!  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Other then that not much to write home about in the running world this week other then an amazing soggy adventure last night at Bhrom Lake with my friends Alana, Dan and 5 dogs!  The trail was so flooded that we lost it in several sections and managed to have a mini epic on a 4.5km trail.  Some spots were calf deep, the trail was completely gone in places, we ended up in the lake at one spot, scrambled over/under logs, down loam.  Oh man it was fun.  Adventurous, rainy night runs are quickly becoming a thing of obsession for me.  It is hard to explain, but I definitely am loving it.

Sort and sweet.  I will post updates weekly about how my training is going. 🙂

Here are some photos!

reverse trick or treating furry pals

post a successful reverse trick or treating run, with an unhappy husky pumpkin. “mommmm take this off me.”

shin deep water at bhrom lake… 3 of 5 dogs.

and, because I feel like adding a heart melting photo of my fur baby and my adorable niece…

Is your heart melting from cuteness overload?

(Solana did a way better reverse trick or treating blog post with way better photos so heres a link to that! http://www.solanaleigh.com/2014/10/29/candy-strangers/#more-7105 )

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Rain, rain go away.

Just kidding, I like the rain.  I do however find it very un motivating to actually leave the house to head out for runs.  It definitely helps to have a group of friends who are willing to go get soaking wet and muddy with you.  Last night I went out with my friends Spring and Alana and did a quick night run on the 4 lakes loop and each told each other at different times we didn’t really want to be there.  The consensus was “if this wasn’t already planned I wouldn’t have gone running tonight”.  Sometimes you just need that kick in the butt to get you out of the door.  And as soon as we started the stoke was high!

All smiles after a soggy night run with Trina and Sierra.

I have been falling in love with rainy night runs.  There is something so great and magical about it but I am not comfortable going alone yet.

The best running partner ever enjoying stump lake.

Me running down credit line. I need some coloured gear!

Finding the time to run between school and studying is proving to be quite an interesting feat but I am up to the challenge.  I managed to get out for a few shorter runs and a super fun 15km with my friend Tara.  This week I can’t say I’ve been doing great because of my study load but I’ve made it to yoga.  Oh yeah! I’ve decided on incorporating yoga a few times a week and back to crossfit to work on my flexibility and strength.  My body is a tad sore from yoga yesterday so I feel like it is a much needed addition to the developing training regime.  This summer I was off any sort of lifting due to a pretty gnarly laceration to my right ring finger and my strength is definitely lessened.  Basically my schedule is jam-packed but I am committed and will make it work in any way possible!  I am making it my mission to be an A student and run these 50k trail races!  If you set your mind to it anything can happen!

Tara jumping for joy on our 15k and nicely matching the beautiful fall day.

I am going to leave this post short and sleep because my brain is more focused on studying osteology then typing about running.  I am going to leave you with a song that I love though!

Until next time!


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Resurrection… again

I always start blogs, write a few posts, forget about it and then go back in a furry of deleting everything but here I am going to try it again!  I started running.  I want to tell you all about my adventures with running so far, and use this platform to keep notes on my training since I’ve decided its a great idea to run an ultra next summer!

Okay, okay so let me start at the beginning.. or somewhere closer to now anyways.

I used to race downhill bikes.  I injured myself training over the winter of 2012 to race downhill bikes and now I can’t physically ride a bike.  I moved to Squamish in June 2013 and started climbing to fill this void.  Then in July 2014 a cable car pulley decided to have my finger for lunch (or at least part of it) which put me unable to climb.  In the process of all of this I have managed to fall in love with trail running and below is an account of how this growing obsession has started.

Me racing bikes at Mt Hood Oregon.

Me leading burger and fries this spring before hurting my hand


In May the Sea to Sky Gondola opened and I hiked it a few times the first week with a couple friends.  It was painful, but I felt awesome doing it.  Also the lure of having the download there with the gondola was an amazing treat for my knees, and the plus side you can bring your furry friend with you!

After hiking the gondola with Amanda

Fast forward to the end of May, my lovely partner suggested I go and run the 6km loop near our house and I did… and I didn’t totally die!  It was exciting.  Somehow in the spur of that moment I decided it would be a really great idea to sign up for the Coast Mountain Trail Series survival of the fittest race.  A 13km/18km race behind Quest University on beautiful trails.  I obviously signed up for the 13km.  A few days after the 6km loop and signing up for a 13km trail race (what the hell goes on in my brain…) I ran another 6.5km stint around the trails behind our house.   My 3rd day trail running I am now at the start line with my friend Amber thinking “oh god, what the hell were we thinking”  but I started, I finished and I loved every minute in between.  I loved every aspect of running trail races.  I had filled the void where racing downhill bikes used to be.

Me right after finishing my first trail race!

The next few months are a bit of a blur, between being out of town for work trips and ripping half my finger apart in the backcountry  but through all of that I managed some random adventure runs with my buddy Amber including the rubble creek traverse from Cheakamus Lake to the Rubble Creek trail head.  I’d recommend this run to anyone looking for a moderate 25km with absolutely beautiful views but be sure to take proper gear with you as this is a true backcountry run!

Jumping for joy halfway through the rubble creek run!

Within these months the great idea of signing up for the Squamish 23km happened.

Yep, I ran that too… and guess what?

I am now even more addicted.  I was beyond surprised that me, this girl who absolutely hated running before this summer had just run 23km of hilly trails.

Amber and I at the finish line for Squamish 23 🙂

I then, once again had to zip away out of town for work and had a lull in running but decided to run another race to get myself back in the swing of things and hopped onboard with the inaugural  Sky Pilot race.  Another gem from Coast Mountain Trail series.  I raced the shorter distance at 12.5km and in typical Squamish fashion it didn’t fail to provide the amazing views and lovely humans.

I battled myself a lot during the sky pilot run.  I didn’t fully want to be there, I wanted to quit, I hated my legs, I had an ongoing dispute with my brain about quitting.  But, I didn’t quit.  I pushed through all of those negative thoughts and kept going.   And guess what?

Climbing the lollipop portion of the Sky Pilot race, I wanted to quit at this point so badly but kept thinking about what my friend Spring told me a while ago… “keep smiling when things get hard” – Photo by Scott Roberts Photography

Now I am even more addicted than before!  I absolutely love the mental and physical battles you have to push through with trail running.  I never thought I would be a runner, I always hated running but there is something that running in the wilderness over roots and rocks that has stolen a part of my heart.  Its physical, its psychologically stimulating and the achievement you feel when you finish a run you thought you wouldn’t push through is, well its unexplainable unless you’ve experienced it.

Through my falling in love with the trails this summer I have decided to take on training for running my first 50km race this summer.  I ran this past summer without knowledge or training so hope to do it properly for the 2015 season!    My first will either be Rainshadow Runnings Sun Mountain 50k race or the Squamish 50 depending on if I make it into the registration!  And ultimately I would like to fundraise for the races I do this upcoming summer and donate the money to charities that have yet to be decided.

This blog will be an account of my running adventures, trials and tribulations with training and maybe the occasional rambling about being a student.  Wooo!



Kenzie Ann




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